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Customer Reviews

I live in Zimmerman and will drive all the way down here to get a fresh cut from Nick! Never thought I could get such a fresh fade at a barber shop.  Will continue to get my cuts at Top Rank!!!! Nick and Alex are super friendly and make you feel like you have been a customer for years. 5 stars isn't enough to give these guys!!!!!!!

--Jeffrey R. (Review on Google)

Amazing people, friendly,  Nick and Alex are one of the best skilled barbers that I've been to and I've been to barbers all over America next time I'm in Minneapolis I going to differently come in and see them again!

--Joni B. (Review on Google)

Great barbers highly experienced. Great atmosphere and very professional. Both Alex and Nick are some of the best in the area. I would highly recommend top rank

--Donovan H. (Review on Google)

Best barber shop around. I drive 20 minutes just to get there and I haven't been anywhere else since

--Ben B. (Review on Facebook)

A true barber shop. They even perform straight-edge face shaving. These guys are the best!

--Adam M. (Review on Facebook)

Best barber shop I have ever been to. Great atmosphere,Alex and Nick make u feel like if you were their customers for years, and I've only been there two times and will continue to keep going. I highly recommend this place.

--Rafa T.

I had been going to the corporate hair cutting places and I would never get a consistent haircut, so I decided to try Top Rank Barbers in Robbinsdale and I have had 2 cuts so far and both times I have gotten the greatest haircuts I've ever had. I will be going back to Top Rank!

--John K.

Nick gave me a fantastic, very detailed, hair cut. This wasn't just some 15 minute clipper job. Instead he spent a lot of time to make sure that the cut worked with the shape of my head. Really great guy and I highly recommend Top Rank.

--Steven B.

I've had both Nick and Alex cut my hair, hands down best barbers I've ever had, these guys know how to lighten the mood and give the greatest cuts. I drive all the way from Apple Valley everytime, no questions!

-- Frankie K.


Nick is a master of his trade. He has excellent skills in all the newest trends. Excellent value. You should be advised to make an appointment.

--Mike Ciaciura Sr

As a first timer this was a great experience. The haircuts are very well done and there is no lack of attention to detail. The prices are very reasonable and he will even suggest different looks that might look good. I took his suggestion and couldn’t be any more pleased.


Very pleased with my cut and beard trim. Nick made sure it was perfect. We started chatting after my cut and he kept looking at my beard and kept making adjustments to get it just perfect. His attention to detail is second to none and I recommend him highly. He's very busy with clients so make sure to go to his website and reserve an appointment.

--Alex M.

First time here after bouncing around barbers for a year.... I'm being completely honest with you, if you can't find the right barber for you, come here..this was the best haircut I've gotten and i could not be more impressed. Nick is a cool friendly guy and I am so stoked to have found my new barber. 10/10 best taper fade in MN hands down.

--Andrew L.

I’ve Just Moved to The Area, and Recently Got My First Haircut With Nick. Best Line Ups, Fun and Comfy Atmosphere, Great Sports and Social Talk... I Would Highly Recommend.

--Ramin R.

I had been wanting to stop by Top Rank Barbers for months, and I'm more than glad that I finally did! My first time in there, I had no idea what I wanted, so I let Nick do what he thought would look good. Hands down, the best hair and beard style I've ever had done. Nick is really relaxed, and he doesn't rush the experience. Because of that level of care, he gets it right!

--Robert S.

It is an honor to be the 100th review. This guy is superb and the service is unmatched. When I first walked in it was a little awkward that he didnt say much. But he is just a really chill dude and made it feel like home. He does not make you feel pressured in any way. The atmosphere is perfect for my liking. Good background music, sports, and conversations.


I did not know exactly what I wanted but I came in with a general idea of what the end result should look like. I wanted my sides short and longer on top. The hair at the top and sides stick out for me and I explained that to him that it is one of the most annoying hair qualities I have. But the second he touched the clippers I was at ease. I was tired of bad barbers and immediately you can tell he knew what he was doing. I like that he takes his time also. His technique of cutting is precise and gentle. He gave me an outstanding cut, perfect ratio from the sides fading into the top of the head. Some barbers when you're finished theres some hairs maybe that are questionable and dont look right. Few days passed and I wouldn't change anything about the cut.


Nick is a good mix of professional and personable. You can tell he takes care of his equipment. My hair came out not greasy and sometimes gross like other barbers. Also there were zero stray hairs. Didnt need to wash my hair at all for loose hair. Impressive. He applied some pomade or other product I am not sure but it didn't produce the dreaded greasy result either. I am not usually a fan of product but his is nice and worked well for my hair.


For the clean shave it couldn't get better either. I have really sensitive skin so I dont shave often. It gets acne and redness very easy after a shave. His instrument he used for the shave was so delicate and relaxing. He finished it off by what felt like a string pulling my face but I am not sure what it was. Closest shave I've ever had. Few days passed, no acne, soft as a baby butt, no irritation whatsoever.


He recommended eyebrow work. I was skeptical at first because I naturally have decent eye brows and didnt want it to look feminine. Again, no irritation from his work for this. Eyebrows look way better than I thought they would.


Nick is a magnificent all around barber and a fun, genuine guy. He made everything look easy and knew what to do without thinking. I will never go anywhere else as long as I live in mn. What can I say, the guy can cut.

--Tim L.